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Top 10 Most Important Things You Need to buy in Thailand

Top 10 Most Important Things You Need to buy in Thailand

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Publish date :: 14 August 2019
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Is it your first trip to Thailand or are you an experienced traveler that has discovered lots of places in the Land of Smiles? We collected the top 10 things both newbies and worldly-wise will need...

Is it your first trip to Thailand or are you an experienced traveler that has discovered lots of places in the Land of Smiles? We collected the top 10 things both newbies and worldly-wise will need...

1. Don’t be lazy to buy a local sim card.

There are plenty of operators offering their services around Thailand: DTAC, AIS, True Move, Line Mobile, TOT 3G, Samart I-Mobile, I-Kool, Penguin. You can check different packages before buying the sim card to best fit your needs. After that, you may walk to the 7 eleven shop and ask the cashier to help you put and activate the new sim card. We recommend DTAC Tourist Sims card.

The sim card with the Internet will actually help you save money and be safe while traveling in Thailand. 

First of all, you automatically in touch with your friends and family who you always can contact in case of emergency.

Second of all, you may use the Grab app which is the cheapest option to travel around the town. The app shows you the exact amount of money to be paid and no matter if you stuck in traffic or the driver will circle you around the new place, you will pay exactly what it was shown on the booking screen.

Finally, you can check the reviews, menu, and prices about the cafe, restaurant and activity that might seem interesting to you before entering there. Plus many businesses offer a discount, free drink or free meal if you post the review or picture of the place in your social media.

2. Sunscreen stick

Yes, yes, we know! Everyone is telling you to take the sunscreen! But, we want to tell you about something better than that!

The experienced traveler knows that there is a much better option than the cream or spray which is a sunscreen stick. It’s relatively new and not that widespread yet but that is the thing that will save you space in your backpack, your skin and is so convenient to use on-the-go. It is easy to re-apply ad is great for motorbike rides which are going to be a big part of a traveling routine for most you!

3. Scarf or Sarong for the temples.

Thailand is a country of some great Temples and Palaces and these are something you can’t miss to fulfill your traveling bucket list. To be able to enter the holy temples, wander around its beautiful surroundings, participate in ceremonies or take a picture nearby the Temple you need to show respect and cover your shoulders and knees with the scarf or sarong. By the way, a sarong can be a great substitution for a blanket to put on the beach if you accidentally run into some great spot while exploring the island. If you buy a light one, you can easily stick it into your bag and carry it around cause you never know where the road may take you, right?

4. Padlock

Even if Thailand is considered as a super safe country, you will never know who you are going to live with in a hostel or in the sleeping bus. Safety first! Your money and your documents are something you don’t want to be stolen while being abroad.

Once you Check In the hostel that offers a locker you might face a situation when the locker has no lock. So, having your own padlock is always a good idea. By the way, buy it in advance in the supermarket as it is going to be twice more expensive in the hostel.

5. Raincoat

Even if Thailand is a hot country with almost no rain (during the dry season), you can’t predict when the clouds might hit you. No need to mention the necessity to have a raincoat if you happen to be in Thailand during the rainy season.

You can buy a cheap one in a supermarket or from the outdoor sellers (although they are going to charge you more). It will easily fit your pocket and you don’t have to wait until the rain stops to reach your destination.

Walking under the rain has never been more fun with the raincoat and flip flops!

6. Warm sweater

Logical edition of a raincoat will be your warm jacket, sweater or hoodie. If you are heading to explore the stunning hills and breathtaking nature of Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai, Pai, Chiang Rai) or ride a legendary Mae Hong Song Loop you will definitely need warmer clothes as after the sunset the temperature can drop down to 15 degrees! If you are heading to Doi Pha-Tang Mountain to swim in the clouds, you will need something to cuddle you as up the mountains the air is much colder.

Even if you are going to the sunny beach, taking something cozy to wrap you up is a great idea. Imagine, you were swimming in the ocean when the sun was going down, and after getting off, you will be happy to put something extra to get warm.

7. Waterproof bag 

While being in Thailand you will have lots of water activities such as snorkeling, diving, swimming in a lagoon or with the glowing plankton, taking the longtailed boat trip around the islands, pool parties and whatsoever! Even if you are heading to a place where you don’t expect to interact with the water much, you still might need a waterproof bag, as you are probably going to do hiking to the waterfalls, participate in the water festival during the Thai New Year, swim in the hot springs and simply chill by your hotel’s pool. At this moment, having fun and splashing around, the waterproof bag will become a thing everyone wants to have. Buying this bag will free you from a headache of where to hide your phone and power bank, where to put your money, passport, your hoodie or scarf so they don’t get wet!

8. Water Flask

This can be added if you care about your budget and the world around you!

Many places offer a water bottle refill for free or for a little charge, which can save you from buying new bottles of water every time. Plus, a reusable bottle will prevent you from using excessive plastic that ends up in the ocean and harms fragile marine nature.

9. Mosquito repellent

That is what will save your skin from annoying bugs (not only mosquitoes but bed bugs which you can come across anywhere), your sleep, and keep you calm and comfortable after the sun goes down. The most important is that mosquito repellent may save your life as you never know which creature can bite you and what consequences it might bear.

Advice from Kohlife: do not hurry to buy the mosquito repellent in your home country as Thailand has a great product which most locals and travelers use! It is called Soffell and you may buy it in most of the local shops for only about $1. The active substance in the spray is only 15% which is two times less the acceptable norms. In comparison, foreign brands have 30% of DEET substance when the critical limit is 35%. Besides, its safety, Soffell has a great variety of different smells, but the Floral one (pink color bottle) is considered to be the best in terms of effectiveness out of the whole line.

10. Tiger Balm

While walking, swimming, trekking, hiking in Thailand, your muscles might get tired and sore. The Tiger Balm is a great way to relieve your pain and relax after the tuff day. 

You may also use Tiger Balm if you get any mosquitoes bite to get rid of the itch. Thai people use the product to sniff it to help fight the running nose and headache putting a little bit of Tiger Balm on the temple. Besides, the Tiger Balm itself there are plenty of local and hand-made ointments that are also great! You may choose your own by its smell and strength.