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Book train, bus, minivan and ferry across Thailand

Best ways to move around Thailand

Best ways to move around Thailand

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Publish date :: 19 January 2020
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Coming to a Southeast Asian country and finding your way around can be a challenge. You might often wonder how to get from one destination in Thailand

Coming to a Southeast Asian country and finding your way around can be a challenge. You might often wonder how to get from one destination in Thailand

First Aid Transport

Once you arrive at a destination, the first thing you worry about is how to get to the centre or to your accommodation and not overpay.

To avoid the stress it’s best to organise the drop off to your place with Kohlife.com at the moment of booking your trip. No worries, if you haven’t added the option to your ticket, you can contact us and we will fix it for you straight away!

If you haven’t managed to set up the drop off there are other options you might consider as the Plan B:

  • Grab app 

This option is the cheapest one if the app is available in the place you are heading to. Grab shows the exact sum of money to be paid so you know how much you will be charged at the end of the trip and no need to bargain the price!

  • Minivan taxi

This type of transport operates as the regular taxi beside the facts that it costs much less, you share it with other travellers and you might have to wait for the minivan to be fully packed.

  • Local buses

The main problem in this option is that in smaller towns, the local buses do not operate. In a few destinations where you may actually find one, you need to stick to the exact schedule, which means you might have to wait a few hours to get to your place if you came outside the working hours. The other issue is that you won’t always be able to understand where you should get off unless you have a local sim card with the Internet or find a person who knows :)

  • Hitch-hiking 

This way of moving around is not widely spread in Thailand. Even if you get picked up, you might have to wait for hours to find a fellow traveller. Plus, many Thai people would expect you to pay them anyway. Even if Thailand is a safe place, you can never be sure you come across the right people.

Moving around the new place 

Once you got to your accommodation and are ready to explore the new destination, you might consider a few options to move around:

  • Grab

As we have already mentioned, Grab is a great option but it is not available everywhere. Plus if you want to move around every day, cheap rides can turn into something genuinely pricey.

  • Song Taew

If you haven’t ridden one it means you haven’t been to Thailand! Song Taew literally means “two benches” and it is the cheapest and most authentic way to get around. Especially in Phuket where taxi starts from $10, the two benches transport is something that will help you see the island with no effect on your budget. The regular price for one ride is about $1.

Usually they look like a long Tuk Tuk, which can fit several people at a time. They do have a set pick up places and locals usually know them. You can also flag down one if you see it driving in the road towards you and ask if the driver can take you to the place you need. 

  • Motorbike

Probably the most popular transport around Thailand not only among locals but among the travellers. Riding a motorbike gives you a lot of freedom to explore the new place as you can stop everywhere you want and even get to the places which are hard to reach with any other transport. But be careful! Always remember to have your helmet on and your international driving license with you.

The average price to hire a scooter for one day starts from $3 depending on where you are in Thailand. There is one thing that is different in Siam compare to the other Southeast Asian countries - it is very impolite to honk on the street with no need :)

Moving around Thailand

There are many ways to travel around places, but it is very important to choose the travel company you trust, which provides the travel insurance, has English support that you can face anytime if you have any questions, has a trustworthy price level where you don’t have to bargain. It is also great to always have all the information on your smartphone anytime and not carry the paper ticket which is so easy to lose. Kohlife.com is a service that has it all.

Another great feature of Kohlife service is the more you tickets you buy, the bigger discount you have! How cool is that!

Leaving the destination

This moment can be both sad and exciting as you are moving to another great place to discover. It is so much easier to say Goodbye if you are leaving with comfort and everything is arranged with great time planning. The pickup option is something you might want to choose once leaving. That way you don’t have to worry where exactly the departure point is and you will be helped to find the vehicle which will take you to a new exciting place!